• Your caravan on the right track

    Do you know whether your caravan is on the right track? Seba has a way to visualise and analyse your team. Look at the images and you'll immediately have a first impression of what your team looks like and how you can adjust its route. There are four types of teams:

  • caravan

    Seba also developed a routeplanner for your caravan. The nine different settings on that routeplanner influence whether the talent in your team is used effectively and whether the team cost energy or even generates it. Think for example of:

    • Learning and feedback
    • Responsability and accountability
    • Antennas and solutions
    • Identifying targets

    You can adjust these settings in order to develop your team further; Seba is happy to be your partner in that process.
    Short or long er teaminterventions can find their starting point in the analysis that you already made or the vision you have – but also from the analysis and wishes of the team itself or the Seba Teamtest. Besides training modules matching each of the settings of the routeplanner our team game The Caravan and the Camels can create an inspiring team session.