• Process design

    process design

    Process design: Seba is really good at (re)designing and improving - administrative - decision making processes together with the people who have to work with them. Almost everybody can design a ‘dry’ process, but a process only works when people actually work with it… which means when it is clear:
    * who has what role
    * who owns which process
    * who is or isn’t allowed to vary where in the process
    * how and when improvements will be applied

    ánd: there is knowledge and acceptance of all this.

    Is your context political or administrative or are you dealing with members and annual gatherings for members? Or is your problem the fact that the employees involved have insufficient administrative or political sensitivity? For your caravan too, a road to success can be developed!

    Seba offers you advice and training concerning all (administrative) decision making processes. Ask for our short- or long-term interventions as well as for co-creating methods.