• Diversity management

    Seba is expert in the field of diversity management. Training, projects, books, materials, consultancy and so much more: we bring over 18 years of experience.

    In the core diversity management is for us simply the effective way of dealing with differences in organisations and to make them work for you instead of against you. But like football champion Cruijff said: to be simple is the most difficult thing. People tend to turn diversity into a complicated subject.
    We reduce diversity to essentials for you so that your organisation can take clear steps to well defined results. All differences matter: not just m/w, culture or age but also education, background, life style and working styles. Cash the benefits of differences for your organisation!
    All our work has an excellent scientific basis; we have translated research results into practical instruments for today’s managers and employees.

  • Ten critical success factors

    diversity management

    Ten critical success factors that are decisive for the optimal utilization of diverse talents in your organisation: you can read them here.