• Diverse teams or customers?

    Nobody is divers on his/her own, Seba states. We become diverse in the light of the other. Only then the question rises what differences occur and whether this makes it easier or just more difficult to present and devote our own talent.

    • Are you good at working in a diverse team and what qualities do you bring for that?
    • And when you are a manager: are you good at leading a diverse team, do you make the most out of it?
    • And when you have diverse customers: how satisfied are they and do you see more possibilities?

    Make the most of differences! Seba offers the best team exercises for a hands-on approach to deal with differences effectively. Yes it can happen that team members are faced with their actual limitations but if they can laugh about them, it will all work out. The team increases skills to cooperate in diverse teams with diverse customers and make the most out of that.