• 10 critical success factors

  • … for the optimal utilization of all diverse talents

    1. Vision
    A clear vision regarding diversity & inclusion in relation to the organisation’s overall vision, both economical and social.

    2. Organisational culture
    The existence of or steering towards an organisational culture open to change, to diverse behaviour and ways of thinking.

    3. Added value of diversity
    Ability to demonstrate the added value of diversity & inclusion to customers and other stakeholders.

    4. Managers’ commitment
    Broad support and commitment from the board and management, ensuring benefit and need are recognized throughout the whole organisation.

    5. Employees
    All the personnel has motivation, knowledge and skills in handling differences.

    6. Managers
    Managers who recognize and identify the dynamics of diversity, and take action based on the benefits of diversity.

    7. Competences
    Insight into the competences of all personnel in relation to competences relevant to the organisation.

    8. Instruments
    Consolidate diversity & inclusion principles in strategic personnel policy, communication policy, marketing policy and management style.

    9. Diverse staff
    Sufficient diversity at all levels of the organisation.

    10. Evaluation of managers
    Board and management are evaluated on the basis of actions and behaviour concerning diversity & inclusion.